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Sculpture of ground reliefs, Levelling of the ground at a defined height, Smoothing of the ground reliefs, Application of textures, Application of vegetation : trees, grass, flowers...
Large scope to edit elements of the 3D scene, Numerous parameters for control of 3D objects, Import of media / 3D objects editable in the same way as objects by default on the Database
Possibility of editing the colors of the various elements of a 3D object in real time, Possibility of creating change of color animations in the timeline
In one click, you can apply one plain color to a complete element of the Database
Color editing applied in real time
Ultra-fast and intuitive construction, Possibility of realistic and/or schematic depiction, Construction "helped" by attraction of the elements to each other, Construction which can be "coupled" with the land editor to obtain really personalized environments, Freedom to assemble unitary elements: roads, pedestrian paths, simple ground surfaces, furniture, corridors, internal rooms…
Accepted Formats FBX* OBJ, Preservation of textures and materials, Preservation of Specific individual animations, Preservation of the hierarchy of the elements of the 3D object, compatible with editing tools for objects from the default database… (*for Windows only)
Accepted Formats JPG, PNG & TGA. Files online or locally stored on user workstation. Possibility to incorporate images with predefined and editable shapes (plan, cube, cylinder, skydome) Personalization of elements thanks to the addition of media (logos, emblems, brands etc…) Can be animated and edited like any other part of the software…
Numerous dedicated animations. Character animation (Animation, automatic movement, Poses). Camera Animation (360, pursuit, zoom). Physical management. Appearance / Disappearance. Parenting / Unparenting. Line movement curve / linear. Possibility of using an an object’s own already present animation (imported or in Database)
FX which can be animated and edited (intensity, progressive birth, dimensions), Climate FX (rain, snow, wind, tornado, clouds), Fire FX, water FX, explosion FX, smoke FX, Firearm FX, Wound FX (bullet holes) ...
Approach as closely as possible the real conditions of your animation, time settings, weather settings: sky, activation and adjustment of the power of shadows, ambient luminosity, Possibility of coupling this information with the climatic FX for a realistic rendering
Editing of the duration of animation, Hierarchical organization of animations, Possibility of modifying the chronology of animations in real time by simple drag and drop, Possibility of recording physical behavior, Preview of the whole animation frame by frame after first complete calculation...
Two options: normal or 360° VR. Preview before generation camera by camera. Choice of framerate and resolution. Generation in Store or on customer workstation (depending on license). HD 1080p (classic) and 4K (360 VR) rendering. Possibility of simultaneous multi-camera rendering. Possibility of adding post-effects (fuzziness, shine, anti-aliasing)
Database by default varied and well-stocked (over 1000 elements). Editable and customizable objects: colors, customisation, size and orientation. Possibility of incorporating and setting 3D text. Option to complete this default Database with your own 3D objects and media (photos / videos) subject to certain technical constraints to be respected to ensure the compatibility with the software. Logical and ergonomic organization into categories and subcategories. Search possible by name or theme.

Minimum Configuration Required

Description of the ES3D solution Technical characteristics
Machine PC and MAC
Operating System Windows 8 or 10
Mac OS X 10.10.5 or +
Minimum Configuration Windows : Core i5, 4 GB of RAM minimum,
dedicated graphics card
MAC OS : Core i5,4 GB of RAM minimum,
dedicated graphics card
(8 GB of RAM for 360° video in 4K resolution)
Screens Minimum resolution 1024 x 768
Allocated Space 20 GB  minimum
Web Browser (Client area) MS Internet Explorer 9 or + Mozilla Firefox 47 or + Google Chrome 51 or + Apple Safari 8

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