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For its 2nd participation in the world’s biggest innovation trade fair in Las Vegas (CES) from January 6th to 9th 2016, Virdys, accompanied by the Business and Innovation Center (BIC) of Montpellier Mediterranean Metropole, previewed its online marketplace: the EASY SIM 3D STORE ®. From 2016, this marketplace will allow the community of 3D creators to monetize their creations and enable the media to quickly obtain reconstructions on of news stories.

In 2015, during its first CES, Virdys successfully presented its EASY SIM 3D creation software intended for the media. This solution, usable without the need for expert knowledge allows us to create 3D reconstructions of critical situations: natural disasters, terrorist attacks, accidents, in 2 hours instead of 3 days.

For 24-hour News Channels, Virdys was able to create a tool which brings sense to the news.

EASY SIM 3D has already seduced the largest French media outlets such as France Télévisons.

Armed with its success, Virdys ® returned to CES reinforcing its offer with a preview of the EASY SIM 3D STORE.  This Store will enable professionals to buy 3D content online which has been created by all the user community of EASY SIM 3D. The creators of 3D simulations can also propose “turnkey” content.
The ” ES3D Creative Community ® ” will combine 3D creation enthusiasts, amateurs and professionals. Members can develop 3D reconstructions and sell them in the store to meet the needs of professionals as quickly as possible.

To join the ES3D Creative Community, go to www.easysim3d.com. The first 100 3D creators selected will win a year’s use of EasySim3D ®software.
With the EASY SIM 3D STORE, the media will soon have access to a catalog of talents and 3D creations to always make the news more attractive and more relevant.

Virdys – Thierry Cottenceau :
Cap Omega – Rond-point Benjamin Franklin 34960 Montpellier Cedex 02

Find out more about EasySim3D : www.easysim3D.fr

Source : http://www.entreprendre-montpellier.com/actualite/virdys-lance-au-ces-sa-place-de-marche-en-ligne-de-simulations-devenements-3d

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